giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Taleb: W l'artigianato e il commercio, robusti e senza debito

Sempre dall'intervista al Corporate crime reporter:
“Big corporations – their job is to suck up resources for themselves. I came to that conclusion after reading Marx. I’m not a Marxist, but I realized that large corporations are just in cahoots with big government.”

“When I was debating the chairperson of Pepsico, her sole argument was – I employ 600,000 people. 600,000 people will be unemployed if I don’t sell people diabetes causing drinks.”
“The second problem is – you are going to be fragile when you employ 600,000. And the society will pay the price of your fragility.”
“The chairperson of Pepsico will have a free option. They know they can’t go bust. They know that society will prevent them from going bust.”
If Taleb doesn’t like big corporations or big government, then what does he like?
Small business.
Like the old market in Lebanon – where he was born.
“I shock people when I say the most stable system is an artisan style system,” Taleb says. “That’s the only one that doesn’t blow up. The world now has become too complex.”
“It’s the Levantine system of trade and commerce. No debt. And small size. That is the most robust. These people survive much longer.”
He says big corporations should never be bailed out.
Ma allora come la mettiamo con quelli che vogliono risolvere i problemi degli artigiani col debito? Stampa questo post

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